Chinese herbs are known for healing the body from within.

Taking herbs is like having a daily treatment and can create profound shifts in your overall health. Chinese herbs can relieve a wide spectrum of ailments, ranging from relieving the symptoms of a fierce flu to generating long-term changes. Herbal remedies address common concerns such as digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances including menstrual difficulties and infertility, anxiety, addictions, insomnia, and physical aches and pains, and much more!
At Stoneburner Acupuncture we prescribe formulas from the Classical Pearls line of herbs, created by world-renowned herbalist Heiner Fruehauf. Erin was fortunate to spend several years working directly under Dr. Fruehauf and has extensive experience with the clinical application of the Classical Pearls. This superior line of herbal treatments maintains the following standards:

  • Organic, wildcrafted
  • Each formula batch is tested in independent U.S. laboratories for heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, and pesticide / herbaside residues
  • All formulas are highly concentrated
  • All formulas are produced with Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP).


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