Acupuncture with Erin has literally changed my life! I had an array of ailments when I first found her and she has helped my body heal in incredible ways. She is a great healer and not only very knowledgeable about acupuncture but has given me a wide spectrum of treatment and advice for all areas of my life. I have been seeing her consistently for 2 years now and recommend her to everyone who is interested in receiving acupuncture or fine-tuning their health.
-Daisy R.
A gifted, compassionate healer as brilliant with herbs as she is with acupuncture. Erin is professional, present, warm, and intelligent; I wish all my healing interactions could be like sessions with her.
-Lauren B.

I am so grateful to be working with Erin! She has guided me through basic preventative care to most recently, the aftereffects of profound trauma. Beyond her expertise, it is the kindness, generosity, humor, and compassion she brings to her work that distinguishes her from other practitioners.
-Amy B.

When my boyfriend first started seeing Erin, he needed a cane for walking, standing up at concerts, etc. He was in so much pain, I felt so bad for him. His job is very physical, we were worried he would not be able to work. Then he decided to try acupuncture, but was not feeling much relief with the folks he saw. But then he tried out Erin and felt great! She has done wonders for his body. He no longer needs a cane for his hip pain. His arthritis seems to be causing him much less pain, too. In his exact words, “she is the best acupuncturist.”
-Robin S.


Acupuncture with Erin has transformed my life. I was diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis, very scary. I came to her office very fearful and downtrodden. I had been on the merry go round of pharmaceuticals prescribed by my neurologist and optho neurologist who were trying to help and continued to treat my symptoms. meanwhile my health deteriorated and I began walking with a cane, my head aches got worse my vision got worse. More diagnosis came more pain and anxiety came. Until I found Erin Stoneburner. Her healing acupuncture has been amazing in my life. She is not only a wealth of information on Chinese herbs but very experienced in nutrition. I am happy to say my health has improved tremendously with much thanks and credit to the skilled hands and guidance of Erin Stoneburner acupuncture.
-Angelina K.