For Relief of Stress, Anxiety & Insomnia

Indicated for stress, anxiety and insomnia, Nerve Tonic is made from an extraction of Man Vine (Agonandra Racemosa), a herb native to the rain forests of Belize.

Man Vine is known for it’s properties both as a muscle relaxant and an anti-spasmodic, providing relief from sore muscles due to muscle strain or overuse, as well as to involuntary muscle tissue such as the stomach, uterus and intestines.

Additionally, Man Vine is traditionally used to treat constipation, intestinal gas, indigestion, gastritis, and any ailment to do with the digestive tract.

Man Vine is wild crafted from tropical rain forest areas, by a company that promotes sustainable conservation practices. A percentage of the sale of Man Vine goes to The Traditional Healers Fund, to support current and future Traditional Healers and preserve their knowledge.