“Erin Stoneburner is magic! I was thinking… Wow, with the third trimester my energy seems to be back to normal. Then I realized she had worked on that.” – Melissa F.

“I am so excited to have found her as my acupuncturist! She has helped me with my back pain, my digestive ailments, and my sleep problems. She has a knack for discovering the root of my issues and addressing them on both physical and emotional levels. I feel very comfortable talking with her and feel like she is able to decipher my needs through her acupuncture, herbal remedies, and other lifestyle changes.” – ratemds.com

“I had never had acupuncture before bc I was scared of needles. However nothing else has worked for my condition and a friend recommended Erin Stoneburner. She is awesome, so helpful and she made me feel very comfortable. Also, my anxiety is almost all gone!! This woman is AMAZING!!” – Lara C.

“Erin is amazing.  Within a few weeks of regular treatments the digestive symptoms that have plagued me for 5 yrs improved and I have been stable ever since.  When I have any setbacks Erin is always willing to fit me in, and her treatments bring me back into balance every time.  She is truly a gem!  AND a gifted practitioner.  She is organized, professional and well informed.  The other benefit of working with her is that she has extensive knowledge of Chinese herbal formulas, which have truly  changed my health in a way that has almost been magical.”  -Megan F.